Monday, February 01, 2010

After not blogging properly for some time, there is a trepidation in putting words to paper once again. Would I be who I was before? Who amongst you expects me to be that person, still, and thus who would I disappoint?

Certainly not the people I have come to know. :) Perhaps only those who have, or had, come here all agog and starry-eyed to know me for the first time, or yet again, and who had developed a tendre for my writings in this place. Some of you have spoken fondly of my words herein, and I both appreciate and fear your judgment. I have come to know from my boyfriend that there have been new visitors here ever since the two of us got together, passing by as iPhone fireflies of the night, some lingering. It has been a little like meeting potential in-laws: one wishes to please, but not to the extent of shaving sashimi slivers off one's essence, one slow deliciously bloody cut at a time.

Rare, you said?

I like my splinters where they are.

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