Thursday, September 28, 2006

Re my 06/09/06 entry, it all worked out. And now I'm freaking borrrrred. Time to think of things to do, over the weekend. Mind is slush now.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

So much for high hopes and trust. Stupid, foolish me. Hah, I'd rather not talk about it, too freaking embarrassing that I actually got riled enough to do something like that. It's a first, and not a nice one.

And I will be changing job in a month's time. Finally I will actually be employed. And yet it gives me this empty feeling that I can't stay longer at my present place, just when I'm settling into it. I want to know how Production works, how SAP works; guess I'll have only one more month to find out *wistful*. Lol and my immediate boss is going to kill me - she wanted to go on holiday leave sometime next month. (Well if it's within the next 30 calendar days she can still make the trip.) I really do like her.

Time to get a photo that's not too awful-looking, for my staff pass.

Xenoboy has been writing very good stuff lately.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Too busy. Still busy. *zzzpt*

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Latest update as of 08/09/06 morning: K has stopped talking to me. And my request for exit criticisms was not entertained, to put it mildly. Oh well *shrugs*

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My msn nick of recent days: "I hope all this works out - moving all e different pieces of e puzzles together, Big Pic clearer soon"

[I periodically erase bitchy posts when things have settled down.]

Sunday, September 03, 2006

To quote takchek: Sian. Sian sian sian.

I started work on Thursday, and so far it's been ..... different. I have a great boss, indeed, no doubt. But my office environment isn't as slickly corporate as the one I'd used to work in. It takes some acclimatization.

I'd stopped talking to JK ever since 23/8/06, guess you all should know about this. Now considering K as well. And perhaps the last of the unholy trinity, X, would see his friends dropping from my life like flies and would thus never (platonically) love me too.

The three of them are oddly connected to one another, despite their protests otherwise. It was only recently that X realised that K's gossiping was getting in the way when it came to relations between X and myself. And when X brought up that notion, I then remembered how the first time I'd stopped talking to X was because of something I had an agreement with X about that K had said X had done regardless. I'd relied on K's words too much; my mistake.

X brings me ..... relief. Clear, unpolluted relief. Joy. Solace. Some measure of friendship. These are things that are rare in my world. I would hope that enough measure of trust exists between us that he would not consider the other two as reasons for casting our half-lit friendship aside.

That is all I'd wanted to say.

This is an msn conversation with someone who quite possibly could be dumped from my circle of friends. Allow me to illustrate why.


12:49:09 AM this is one of my favourite shots

12:49:38 AM
why so?

12:50:10 AM

12:50:52 AM
it is?

12:51:12 AM
i didn't catch the joke, sorry

12:55:59 AM
what's new =D

12:56:14 AM
do you have anything else to do besides annoy me?

12:58:36 AM
I'm glad we understand each other.

K then offlined me immediately without saying anything further.

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