Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The boyfriend, upon reading my most recent post, protests that if there were any waves he would obviously talk to me first instead of jumping to conclusions, and so I should feel free to write what I want. Yay to the boyfriend.

Which brings me to another revelation that most of my non-work time is spent with him and those things are certainly not for public consumption =) and I have never blogged anything specific about work anyway. Which leaves me with rather little to write these days. As can be seen from this post, too.

Have a great week. =)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

So much for larvae. All in life is normal, and yes, that includes work and school.

I have met up with great clouds of the boyfriend's friends in the past months we have been together. Unsociable ol' me initially tried to get to know all of them very well, but I eventually gave up that exercise as being logistically impossible with all else I have on my plate. I find it easier to get along with each great cloud of friends when they talk about something as opposed to the recent antics of various people they know whom I don't know.

My relationship is stable enough, in the sense that we would not suggest or threaten to break up upon encountering some conflict, but would instead talk it out. That said, the future will reveal itself in the ...future.

This post doesn't say very much. I haven't been writing much either for the past few months I've been attached, for the simple reason that I wish to not accidentally provoke tsunami waves in my relationship. All such provocation should be intentional =) and well-timed, and preferably in person with him so as to minimize misinterpretation and "broken-telephone" communications. Thus. It remains an interesting struggle to find/maintain appropriate balances, where I'd previously been freely outspoken before. Such is the trade-off of being part of a diatomic.

I remain contactable through private means.

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